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Tips From a Trusted Organizing Company

Habits That Can Lead to a Cluttered Home

Lifestyle blogs, video channels, and social media pages can make you believe that creating a spotless home is a walk in the park. However, if you ask any decluttering expert, they’ll tell you that this is far from the truth. This comes from the fact that tidying up your space goes beyond hiring an organizing company and using the tips given by online decluttering guides — it’s also about unlearning old and ingrained habits that lead to a messy space. We’ve listed some of these habits below:

Accumulating unnecessary things

You might not realize it, but you probably don’t need or want a substantial number of items that are in your home. Take your time to sort through your things and decide which ones you should keep and which ones you should let go. You’ll also want to curate your purchases and avoid mindlessly shopping for things you don’t need. By taking these steps, you can avoid filling your home with unnecessary items and you’ll find it easier to keep clutter at bay.

Not having a space for everything

If you don’t know where your things are supposed to go, you’ll probably end up leaving them on the first table or shelf that you pass by. Over time, this can result in a buildup of clutter that can be difficult to sort through. So, to avoid this scenario, you should designate a space for each item that you own. Keys, for example, should always be hung on the keyholder instead of being thrown carelessly on the couch, while glasses or contact lenses should be placed on your bedside table instead of anywhere else.

Let go of these habits to make decluttering much simpler and create the tidy home that you deserve! If you’d like to get additional tips on organizing your space, or if you need help with the decluttering process, feel free to reach out to Lorena Cruz Services. We’re a trusted and professional organizing company in Lawrenceville, GA, and we can help you have the spotless and mess-free house that you’ve always wanted. Call us today at (404) 808-0523!